A great Game Soon

Explore a mysterious planet controlled by the psyche of the main character. Metroidvania (PC, MAC, LINUX, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U)


We’re going to talk about the enemies in Red goddess. The gamer could find several types of enemies, firstly we are going to  differentiate between the enemies in red and blue colors, the color determines who should combat them. Red enemies can be easily defeated by Rage, while blue enemies by Fear. Now we’re working on, in the last video was… Read more →

User Interface

Hello! We just finished the IE, it’s a collection of information on screen during general gameplay. this screenshot shows the player’s status; +The Mini-Map in the left, will display the Player Character’s position and the objective. +On right side, the Player Character’s HUD displays their: capabilities, experience level, and also game progression: life, mana, level… We’re going to introduce “exit”… Read more →

Game view modes with Unreal Engine 4

  Hello everyone! We’re developing Red Goddess with Unreal Engine 4, in this Engine the editor viewports have some visualization modes which we can see  the type of data being processed in the scene and we can diagnose any errors. In the screenshot bellow we can appreciate one example of some of this visualization modes:     Unlit view mode:… Read more →

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